Enjoy an easy and secure way to transfer funds between your financial institutions with TransferNow, our inbound and outbound account transfer service.

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What is TransferNow? NEW!

TransferNow allows you to quickly transfer funds between your account(s) at First Federal of Van Wert and your accounts you hold at other financial institutions.* With TransferNow, you have more flexibility and control over your money. You no longer need to obtain a cashier’s check, make cash deposits, or send an outgoing wire to transact business between your financial institutions.

How do I enroll in TransferNow?

To begin using TransferNow, you must first be enrolled in online banking and authorize your external bank accounts. When you initiate a transfer, you will see what types of accounts are eligible.

  • Using your desktop, log into your online banking account. Select “Transfers.”
  • Select, “External Transfers”
  • Set-up transfer authorization using either of the two verification methods: trial deposit verification or Real-Time account verification.
  • To complete the transfer, account titles and names need to be exact from institution to institution.

How quickly will my transferred funds appear in my account?

First Federal of Van Wert offers two transfer options: standard and next-day.

  • Standard transfers arrive in the receiving account within three business days.
  • Next-day transfers, limited to qualifying accounts, will arrive in the receiving account on the next business day.

Multiple transfer options can be selected including one-time, recurring or future-dated transfers. Contact us to learn more.

*Fees and transfer limits may apply


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